First month almost done

Neck at week two

Neck at about week two

I’ve just about finished the first month of the TSW and while I’ve had a few ‘here it comes’ moments, the symptoms have been relatively manageable so far.

Symptoms to date are as follows:

– red face (as soon as I stopped the ‘roids)
– increasing rashes on arms, groin, back, neck (especially) and calves- itchiness all over
– flaky skin, especially on neck and face
– irritated from time to time
– staph infection on my lips

I’ve been eating a diet based on the advice I received from an ayurvedic doctor recently that I have been following for a month. I’ll post the details of the diet separately and give an update as I’m going to see him next week. The diet is similar to the candida diet but includes some Indian herbs and foods that are not specifically mentioned in the candida diet. It also promotes eating certain fruit and allows some foods in moderation.

My wife has been amazing in supporting me through this and is basically following my diet and eating as I do to hold my hand through this. She reminds me to stay positive and fully supports my decision after I explained my reasoning for going cold turkey on the TS.

I’ve been taking some supplements from the ayurvedic doctor which have been amazing at keeping me regular – if my skin isn’t sorted out then certainly my gut and insides will!

I’ll post photos of the supplements as they aren’t your standard vitamins from the health food shop.

Other than those, I’ve been using:

– apple cider vinegar (ACV – one glass a day)
– fish oil tablet (four a day)- coconut oil to moisturise (my face only)

I also used ACV on my staph outbreak last week which healed within a day or two. Amazing.

I’ve also been really getting in to the writings of Grow Youthful a site I stumbled across while I was looking for some kefir recipes. Ended up buying some water kefir culture and his ebook which is a wealth of knowledge, highly recommend it, if you’re ill or looking to prevent illness.

Anyway, will post more in the next few weeks as things progress, not sure what to expect but for now, things haven’t been too bad. Let’s hope they don’t get too bad!

First month almost done

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