Month 1 – done and dusted

Finished my first month of TSW this weekend, it’s been an eye opening experience so far and I’m expecting it to get even more humbling in the coming weeks. Reading some of the journeys people have been on has been truly amazing, what people will put themselves through when they listen to their bodies and seek true organic health with the aid of certain modern medicines that become the cause of the problems – overtaking the initial illness itself.

I actually had planned on doing a 3-month candida-ish style detox diet to get my gut and digestion in order and then go back to the life I had. Until I was persuaded to and then chose to stop the TS and stumbled across the ITSAN page and forum. It hit me like a ton of bricks that this is going to be real. I’ve just started a new job (two days before I started TSW) and thoughts ran through my head of ‘how can I continue if my symptoms get worse?’ and ‘how will I be able to pay my rent?’

These are all questions that will be answered soon if things do flare – I’m listening to my body though and getting a lot of wisdom from other TSW warriors. I’m also finding a lot of inspiration from – there are amazing insights into healthy living usng home remedies and once I’m healed I’m looking forward to reaping the benefits from the knowledge I gain along the way. Once again a huge thank you to my amazing wife who is supporting me every minute and I can count in every adverse situation. Love you.

Night night, start of a new week. Taking it one day at a time. Wise words. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Month 1 – done and dusted

2 thoughts on “Month 1 – done and dusted

  1. renee says:

    thanks for sharing – after a 35 year battle with it – im a little way in and up shit creak!!! hanging in and hearing from other going through it makes it all the more worth while! 🙂


    1. Hey renee, thanks for the comment! First comment ever! Hope you doing ok. I’m up and down, each day is so different. Still able to work which I’m thankful for. I’m four months in next week. How about you? Stay strong!


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