Month 2 – More of a struggle

Just hit day 60 and things are gradually going downhill but I feel that I’m becoming more in tune with my body. I’m eating healthily without killing myself with extreme diets, just good whole foods cooked with love and patience.

OK, went back to the Ayurvedic doctor after the first month who was surprised how bad my skin had become and changed my herbs a bit, gave me some herb powder to use as a soap alternative and a topical cream (coconut oil and some other natural oils). I continued taking the herbs as it’s been keeping me super regular (if you know what I mean – seriously amazing) and tried the powder soap and cream. The powder was OK but I went back to Cetaphil after about two weeks, it wasn’t hurting but wasn’t working as my flare seems to be getting worse regardless of what I do. I tried the cream on one arm for three days as a test and ACV on the other arm and hands down the ACV arm was so much better that I stopped the cream. I can try again when I’m less flary. I have an appointment to see the doc this week but I think I’ll cancel as I’m not seeing any results and feel that my symptoms are just going to get worse for a while regardless of what I do.

Speaking of which, I decided to go to a dermatologist the other day for a few reasons. Firstly, to see that I wasn’t dying. I’ve had doubts about TSW from day 1 and I wanted to see that I really did have eczema of some form of it or if I had some other condition. The derm confirmed severe eczema and also a fungal rash in my underarms (I could have told her that).

Another reason I wanted to see a skin professional was to give them a chance to support my decision and the notion of TSW itself. ITSAN has a lot of tales of derms not accepting TSW and not getting support but then some people have found a few gems that support their decisions. The derm I saw did not support my decision at all.

I told her that I don’t want to and won’t be using TS for various reasons and that I hadn’t been using moisturiser on my body as outlined in Dr Fukaya’s research. I believe she used the word ‘hogwash’.

She prescribed my to use one tube of Eleuphrat per day (that’s right, per day) on my body mixed with moisturiser all over my body for two weeks and to use Advantan on my face and come back and see her. After all I told her, she told me basically that under derm supervision that TS are not dangerous at all and that she recommends using as much TS as you like during a flare to get it under control. She even told me that I probably have no sefl worth in the state of flare that I’m in (I’m actually pretty comfortable with the decision and working full-time without too many problems so far). Seriously, get fucked! It was tempting though, she guaranteed I’d be flare free in a few weeks and then we can start UVB therapy. It was bloody tempting. I told my partner who told me to think hard but that she wouldn’t do it. I even contacted Sam (from ITSAN) who was amazing in making me think rationally about what I should do. And… of course I didn’t go back to the steroids, the thing that got me (us) into this mess in the first place. I have started taking the Diflucan for the fungal infection though and started moisturising my body again and it has given me more comfort. I’ll try the MW at a later stage when I’m in a better state.

Another reason I chose to see the derm was to put my parents minds at ease. They’re pretty worried that I’ve lost my mind but coming around. I know it’s tough to see loved ones suffer and I get their view but they understand my decision so it’s support all around. Except from the derm (although she does want me to be eczema free, I could feel that, just not the course of action I was hoping).

So, here are my symptoms at the moment:

– Itchy, everywhere
– Flaky, my skin is fucking everywhere, so gross
– Oozing from my neck and right calf and other randomly attacked areas
– Face is constantly red and flaky
– Rash spreading all over from head to neck (not blotchy anymore, just one tone of red which looks so much better) to underarms to arms, down my back, jumps my bum and then all the way down the insides of my legs. Getting full body
– Tired – exhausted every day, can’t find energy, working at about 50%
– Had my first sick day (damn)
– Sleep is OK, taking zyrtec tablet before bed to ease the itch and get a little drowsy, will try to only use when I need but at the moment it’s every night

So, a bit about my routine etc:

– Shower – one a day, warm-hot (probably too hot) at night, last 30 seconds or so with cold water
– Soap – Cetaphil cleanser (I think that’s the one, just the standard one)
– ACV – spray my whole body after every shower (1:1 ratio with water)
– Moisturiser – wasn’t moisturising my body for the first two months however just started this week with QV lotion, turns a little red but doesn’t sting. Face I use a Japanese lotion called Chifure and then I was using coconut oil but have since changed to Egyptian Magic as recommended by Sam (it’s awesome). Neck, I’m still using coconut oil which is working OK for now.

Diet and supplements

– Main diet – sticking pretty much to the Aryuvedic diet given to me by my doctor but stray from time to time. Haven’t noticed negative impacts when I do. Eating a lot of brown rice and a lot of fatty meats while cutting down on grains (besides whole grains)
– ACV – I drink one or two diluted glasses each day
– Kefir – started making my own water kefir. The starter grains are still growing so mot enough to make large batches yet so just started taking milk kefir from the store once a day as my probiotic.
– cod liver oil – once or twice a day
– Ayurvedic herbs from the doctor

Trying to keep things as simple as possible as I know that I can get carried away when I’ve vulnerable to try new things that I hear about.

Anyway, that’s about it for now, I’ll post some photos shortly to give a timeline of how I’m progressing.

Hope you’re all doing well and keep fighting the good fight!

Month 2 – More of a struggle

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