Month 3 infection

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Month 3 infection

7 thoughts on “Month 3 infection

    1. Hey man, that looks rough! I went to the GP as soon as I swelled up. I had a shocking headache and fever too. Get it checked to be sure, the infection has a risk of sepsis which is very dangerous if not treated. I got antibiotics and it cleared within a week. Can’t say if you’ve got an infection or not though, I would go to the GP if I were you. How are the other symptoms going?


  1. Savo says:

    Thanks man for getting back to me. No fever or anything, just typical chills with the TSW and swollen lymph nodes. I think your right I’ll start using ACV again, had to stop before as the skin was way sensitive but seems it can tolerate more water in the 4th month.

    Haha I’m hoping to be seeing results at 7 months like you, it looks bad and I worry a lot and hope it doesn’t drag out to much like some as its not easy with having a new born Bub 🙂

    Hey I’m at the 4th month and have full body oozing, like arms, chest, legs, groin won’t stop oozing liquid, did you get like this and what month?



    1. I had oozing a lot of the way through too, once the skin got stronger it slowly cleared but sometimes came back. Can’t imagine going through this with a little kid! Hope you’re doing well bro!


  2. Karla says:

    I’m 80 days TSW. How does one know if underarm rash is fungal so as to ask for an antifungal? Also, how does borax work for underarm rash? Will it work only if the rash is fungal? Thanks.


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