DAY 139

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DAY 139

3 thoughts on “DAY 139

    1. Hi Sophie – I haven’t tried it myself. I’ve heard that it works for some and irritates others. I haven’t had the urge to try as I’m starting to heal naturally and summer is coming in Australia so plan to spend some time at the beach in the sunshine then! How are you going?


      1. Great idea!! Soak up the sun just don’t get burned 🙂
        The best rays are during peak hours. It’s the UVB rays that heal.
        They dampen down itch and inflammation by modulating the immune system.
        Something about lowering TH2 and Th22 cytokines…
        I read a paper online that goes into the science about it.
        I’ve been doing it for three weeks now… and notice my itch has reduced!
        It’s a long process though…gotta be patient.
        It takes about 20-40 treatments to know if it’ll work for you.


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