the faces of tsw

top left was about 9 months, others were earlier through the process…

TSW faces

the faces of tsw

9 thoughts on “the faces of tsw

  1. Amber says:

    I just came across your Instagram and blog, I’m going through TSW too (month 4) and my skin looks exactly like yours did in month 3 photos! 😦 your current photos are inspiring but also scary because it took almost s year for you to get to that point. Thanks for sharing your story and congrats on making it through to the other side!


    1. Hey Amber, thanks for stopping by! You must be in the thick of it right now, hope you’re doing well. You’ll make it through, it’s totally worth it! For me the healing started from about month 7 or so but even the rough times were all good signs, the body is in recovery and will surprise you with what it’s capable of. Keep doing what you’re doing and jump on the Facebook group if you have an account. Heaps of people sharing photos a different stories.


  2. C ashh says:

    have you had any other problems with staph since the first infection and whats your current skin routine with using soaps and moisturizer ? And your diet are you avoid anything. Thanks for the great blog


    1. No more staph problems, odd cold sore here and there, that’s about it. Skin routine is aveeno body wash in the shower, ACV on face after shower and also jojoba oil for shaving. That’s it, pretty simple. Diet is normal, no restrictions, I’m following kinobody for training so doing intermittent fasting but not skin related. Thanks for stopping by and hope you’re doing well!


  3. Elaine Leung says:

    I am from Hong Kong and I am now going through my Month 3 TSW. Thanks for share your experience and you really comfort my irritated heart.
    May I know did you have any treatment under TSW (e.g. natural therapy)? Or took any supplement to help? I don’t think I can only sit and wait during TSW.


    1. Hi there, three months is a big milestone, well done! I tried ayurvedic remedies in the beginning but didn’t really help. I tried to keep it simple so only support I took were cod liver oil and kombucha tea also ACV sometimes. But time is the biggest healer, sorry to say that but you’ll see when things start to improve! Patience is hard but a big part of this. Let me know if you have questions about anything! And good luck


  4. savo says:

    You look better then you ever had man! your skin looks amazing and you have lost 10 years easy on your face after stopping the steroids. I suppose we dont notice the small changes ever day the steroids age or skin and fk our bodies up, its amazing you skin has returned much much better.

    The sides I got from the steroids I could write a book on them, took me over 20 years to pick it, but there are a terrible drug.



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