Timeline pics – days 1 to 216

For quick reference, I’ve added a link in the menu bar of the pics I took from the beginning to day 216 (7 months or so). Continued with documenting obviously but took longer gaps as the healing picked up and my mind would move away from constant skin thoughts… enjoy

Timeline pics month 0 to 7

Timeline pics – days 1 to 216

8 thoughts on “Timeline pics – days 1 to 216

  1. Alex says:


    First off thank you for this amazing blog, it helps me with my process :D, it is always awesome to know you are not alone in this hell of a journey.

    I have a very specific question regarding the lymph nodes as mine are massive, right now i’m in month 3, and a seem to have passed the extreme oozing phase, and now i leak only from the neck and back of the legs. I have what a Japanese web page would call shark skin, this rough goose bumpy skin.

    Can you tell me please how your lymph nodes behaved and when did they start to reduce in size?

    Thank you!!!


    1. Hey Alex, how are things? Thanks for stopping by and glad the blog has been helpful. Lymph nodes in my case were swollen for months, probably til about 5 to 6 months in. Then when the healing started they rapidly went down. Haven’t swollen again since. I was worried for a while but realised that it’s really the body working to regulate itself and not a bad thing. They’ll go down over time, but if you’re concerned make sure you see a GP to get medical advice. It can be tough to find the right one though I know… Good luck with it all and shout out any time!


  2. Alex says:

    Hi, thank you for your answer!! it really helps me!

    I have another question now, as of last week i entered a very strange stage in which my whole skin is leaking and producing that yellow ooze, it forms a crust that when remove it leaks again. I had this before but only in the neck. Now its in the hands, arms and face. Is this normal? should I be worried about a possible infection? There is no particular smell or anything, just the ooze that sets into a yellow disgusting crust. I saw that you had an infection, when did you decide that it was time to go to the GP?

    Thanks again for the answers!


    1. Hey, no worries! I knew it was time to go to the GP when it was time, it was rough man! Had a fever and an obvious severe infection. The pics in the timeline of the infection was when I went to get antibiotics. The general ooze was pretty constant so didn’t get treatment for that. Some TSW docs in Japan say to just let it crust as it acts as a barrier against infection so I did that for most of that period. I bathed in ACV to stop infection coming back and safe to say only had that one infection. Was pretty scary! Good luck with it, it’s pretty normal and it’ll pass soon enough!


  3. Rich Wardle says:

    Thanks for making this blog! Let’s me see the light at the end of the tunnel! I think I’m over the worst with TSW now but the peeling is currently crazy! How long did this take to die down for you? I’m fed up with all the hoovering! Feeling really positive now though, starting to live a normal life again.


    1. Hey there, thanks for stopping by! Took about 7 months or so I’d say, can’t recall exactly though. Went in phases but early on was the worst! It’ll get better for you soon enough!


  4. Alex says:

    Hi, Alex again!

    I hope you don’t mind me asking so much stuff, it’s just that I relate to your recovery a lot!

    You were also troubled by insomnia, how long did this last? at what months did it start and stop? Has sleep been normal and nice ever since?

    This is driving me crazy, I can’t remember the last time I slept….. 😦

    Thanks again!


    1. No problem – ask away! Insomnia sucked big time but just like all the symptoms, when the healing started it all came back to a normal routine. I can’t actually remember when the sleep returned, maybe around 5-6 months in… It’s all a blur really! Hope you’re doing ok! 


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