3 years in!

3 years in!

5 thoughts on “3 years in!

  1. Sean says:

    Hi, great blog! I am 13months in to my TSW journey and over the last 3 weeks have seen massive improvement. I am still heavily shedding skin every day though, I was wondering when this stopped for you? I go very dry then I’m tempted to rub off the dead skin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hey Sean, thanks for the message! Not sure when the shedding stopped tbh, been so long… Just remember that you’ll always heal, even if you scratch til you bleed or peel new skin off. Once your skin starts getting stronger it will really get strong. Having no guilt really helped me and be sure to have a beer and some ice-cream whenever you feel like it. And then go back for seconds! 13 months is great man, keep it up!


  2. Sean says:

    Thanks mate, the no guilt thing is a big deal for me as I usually beat myself up if I’ve scratched. Now that I am finally seeing big improvement, the mental aspect of things is getting easier. It’s great to see your skin looking so good, makes me feel positive for the future. My face is 100% healed just need my legs and arms to catch up and I’ll be feeling better than ever. Once again, great blog.


  3. Past TSA sufferer says:

    Hello, Nick. Your blog helped me to cope, and to try finding good non-traditional treatments when I was going through facial TSW that lasted approx. 6 months from agoust 2016 to january 2017. In the end I left the rash alone, and it cleared itself up in 3 months. Now I’m steroid-free and my face is totally clear. Thanks a lot, mate.


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